Laura Veirs Weekend Writing Workshop - Class 2

Laura Veirs

Laura Veirs Weekend Writing Workshop - Class 2

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Saturday, January 9th 


Limited to 10 People
Join Laura for an intimate writing workshop based around Laura’s Kaleidoscope Creativity Cards. You will learn about Laura’s methods of writing, hear about her philosophies of creativity and sustaining a creative practice, and put it all to work by writing a song, poem or short story during the two hours together.

The theme of these upcoming workshops is “Getting your creative mojo going if you’ve lost it in the pandemic.” Some people are finding it hard to be creative in the pandemic. That’s ok! But if you WANT to get writing again, I can help. (I am writing a lot now, but wasn’t in the early months of the pandemic.) These workshops are two hours long each (with a solo writing break in the middle) and are a lot of fun. If history holds, you will come away with a finished (or nearly finished piece). This is for writers of any kind (songwriters, poets, prose writers, etc.) We are finding that my Kaleidoscope Creativity Cards which these workshops are based around are even good for painters and visual artists… so if that’s your lane you can also attend and I will make sure your prompts are adjusted slightly to accommodate your art form.

One of the songs on my upcoming album was written in a workshop this summer. I write a song in each workshop, too. It’s neat that one of the ones I “tossed off” in 40 mins while students were also writing (privately but on Zoom) made the cut for a record.

For all levels, all locations.
No prior songwriting experience required.
Takes place as a Zoom Webinar.
$75 for workshop
$30 for Kaleidoscope Creativity Cards (Order by Friday, January 1 to receive your cards before the workshop)
Testimonials of the Kaleidoscope Creativity Cards:
“I picked up these cards as a cautious attempt to combat the writer’s block that was holding up the creation of my latest record. To my joy, they not only broke down the dam, but led me to some delightful and unexpected places. They illustrate the paradox that creativity often thrives when placed under constraints.” - Dave Depper, solo artist and guitarist and keyboardist for Death Cab for Cutie 

"The card project got me writing faster and more profusely than I ever have.  By creating so many songs, I began to notice a clear voice and style emerging in the music. I loved seeing what cards I drew and what song came out. Doing this project helped me remember how fun and easy songwriting can be!” - Alia Farah, songwriter, keyboardist/singer for M. Ward and other bands

“The Kaleidoscope Creativity Cards helped me break a long-held belief that I had a finite amount of creativity available to me on any given day. This often kept me from working on my personal projects when I had assignments due for others.  These prompts helped me tap new realms of inspiration and showed me I could grow my creativity endlessly—it is not a limited resource!” - Kathryn True, writer